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InvestorRank's masters of Network Centrality: Top 10 VCs with the highest probability of success.

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It's an interesting attempt to ascertain how much venture firms trust each other: "InvestorRank looks at the connections between VC firms. Whenever two VC firms co-invest in the same deal, that creates a bond between them. If one VC firm follows another one in a later round, that boosts the rank of the earlier investor."

Still, it's just a theory. In practice, there's no way to predict who will have the best returns of the next ten years until we're at 2020 and looking back. Hindsight from 2020 will be 20/20.

That's curious. A16Z hasn't had too many exits, has it yet? It has, however made a bunch of big investments into well established companies like Twitter, Skype, Facebook, etc... Wouldn't that piling on late type of investing boost it's investor rank considerably? It's the VC version of SEO. :)

They co-invested with a lot of companies in Groupon, which raised their trust level significantly. Also, there have been significant follow ons to their investments (for example, Benchmark into Instagram). And Skype's sale probably helped, too.

How do you keep track of all this stuff?

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