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Students want to be self-reliant. ~S.E. Cupp

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We’re not doing our young generation any favors here. We’re saddling, in particular, low-income students with tremendous debt, which is hard enough to pay off as it is. And to add insult to injury, then we’re throwing them out into an economic climate where it’s impossible to get a job. ~S.E. Cupp

S.E. Cupp on self-reliant students (via Bill Maher) in GIFs...

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The truth is, every four years of k-12 and higher education in this country, for 90% of people, could be boiled down to 112 days or 16 weeks of schooling. 

If you took a kid, and had him pick one subject: a foreign language, a math, a science, a technology, a liberal art, a business, or a comm skill; and if you had them be trained 6 days a week for 8-10 hours/day with mentors and peers, they'd "graduate" with an equivalent -- if not significantly -- higher skill level than those who paid for 4 years of college.

There is a simple answer: rich people will go to the top 100 schools -- public and private; people who do not have money will go to "vocational" schools for white-collar jobs: in fields like design, engineering, coding, advertising, business, finance. 

On contrast, the average college semester in america is 16 weeks.

What a waste.

Do you have a source for the 16 weeks of schooling = 4 years of k-12 stat?

4 years of k-16. 

One college semester-long course = one k12 year-long course

One college semester-long course = 45 hours.

One college semester= 225 hours ( 5 courses)

Two years major/degree (excluding two years of gen. ed) = 900 hours (4 semesters)

900 hours = 37.5 days = 112 working days (8 hours/working day)

Four years of college = 2 years of major/learning; other two years is repetition 

This happens in K12 too (study same concepts in 5, 8, 11th grade -- and are tested accordingly) 

So 112 days of actual work. 

16 weeks, 18 weeks if you account for one day/week rest.

I'd be willing to bet money that I could take any student in the world and put them through an intense program for 16 weeks full-time in any subject from nuclear or mechanical engineering to computer science to math, physics, biology, chemistry, chinese, english and they would outperform their counterparts who had studied four years. 

would be fun to try this with identical twins and/or pay to have a study done on this. 

immersion/intense programs > silly schooling that draws it out.

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