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David Petraeus, Seen as an Invincible C.I.A. Director, Self-Destructs -

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“His was a short tenure,” said Mr. Riedel, the C.I.A. veteran, now at the Brookings Institution. “But he was beginning the transformation of the C.I.A. from counterterrorism only to counterterrorism plus China, plus the euro zone, plus what the world will look like in 15 years.”

Jack Keane, the former vice chief of staff of the Army and a mentor to Mr. Petraeus, said he believed Mr. Petraeus would eventually be rehabilitated: “We have not heard the last of Dave Petraeus, possibly even in a public service role.”

How do you destroy the man who has everything?

According to Henry Blodget, you let him destroy himself:

 You don't die when you get married," she explained. "If you spend enough time hanging out alone with someone you're attracted to, nature's eventually going to take over."

Even at the time that answer struck me as wise. And nearly thirty years later, it still seems wise.

We're animals, after all. And one reason our species has been so spectacularly successful over the millennia is that our instincts are powerful enough to trump just about everything — one instinct in particular.

There is a real conversation we are missing here.  1) Affairs happen to over 50% of Americans. 2) More women than men have affairs. 3) Old, wise, powerful,etc. men have always been attractive to younger women.

Why do we also go back to the old standard of American morality when talking about sex. There is the evolutionary answer to this problem (if it is one) and there is a societal/moral answer as well.  I think we need to relook at our assumptions of how one's sex life impacts one's job, personality, character, etc.

The best way to avoid big mistakes is to stay out of tempting situations.

 Why does anyone care he had an affair? 

Non-issue to me until someone releases evidence that his affair compromised lives or national security. 

There is more than meets the eye here.

We're waiting to hear more. Either of those scenarios (compromised lives or national security) is possible.

Nope. Apparently not. What's more likely is the FBI compromised and/or broke laws to bring him down. Or are we really in that much of a police state?

Every CIA / three-letter agency operative immediately went to delete all messages/email accounts, et. al after seeing Petraeus taking down.