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Petraeus memes

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I cannot find a single Petraeus meme on the Internet. How's this?

Petraeus Paula Broadwell meme CIA prom 2012

Actually, let's begin with a Flow chart of Petraeus's love affairs:

Petraeus meme love affairs flow chart

As CIA Director: Oversees torture, spying, drone strikes, drug trafficking, propaganda, regime change...

Resigns due to extra marital affair.

Petraeus meme as CIA director

Congratulations on knowing better than the Director of the CIA not to put sensitive information in an email.

Petraeus meme email

Petraeus meme Thanksgiving

Dare I ask who Kirsty Pillar is?

Petraeus meme

Is she anything like Paula Broadwell?

General Petraeus Paula Broadwell together holding hot

All In? No, All Out.

Petraeus Meme All Out not In

Petraeus Memes often are flow charts.

Petraeus Meme flow chart

Ugh. Can we simplify this at all please?

Petraeus meme flow chart

Pentagon of Love, anyone?

Petraeus Meme Pentagon of Love

BuzzFeed tries to simplify it:

General Petraeus sex scandal meme

There are lots of images that COULD be memes though.

Petraeus meme

Petraeus funny

Petraeus funny

"Two bad bitches at the same damn time"

Call Romney. There's only two images in this binder.

Call Romney Petraeus meme binders full of women

Or feel free to caption it yourself:

Petraeus meme template

Paula looks like Lolo Jones would look in 10-15 years.  

Head of CIA. Can't hide an affair.

Petraeus meme Head of CIA can't hide an affair

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