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Petraeus is a non-story

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Typical american sensationalist politics and media.

SOOOOOOO soon after the elections we're no longer discussing real issues.

I don't really care what this man did; it's between him and his family. He resigned, the President accepted his recommendation, there's a process being carried out. Why are we following this 24/7.

Let's jumpstart the discourse on serious issues:




or now that we've voted we're going to let the media woo us to non-issues and distract our attention from the real issues?


He was the head of the CIA.

He showed poor judgment that demonstrated, among other things, a lack of focus and a lack of loyalty.

It's a big deal. We'll move on soon, but give the situation the gravity and attention it deserves. If a man as focused and loyal as Petraeus can screw up this badly, it tells us a lot about human nature.

 He made a mistake; he probably was preyed on by this woman. She was his golden meal ticket, and she rode that ticket hard. 

No pun intended.

I don't the media should be giving us lessons on human nature; they should be reporting and discussing noteworthy news.

Listen if it's not Petraeus it's casey anthony. if it's not casey anthony it's Lance armstrong. if it's not lance armstrong it's some tweet from some famous person who shocked us with what they're tweeting. this isn't it.

is anyone discussing patriot act? NSA? what powers CIA has? secret detention camps? Drone strikes? That's what I think when I think CIA, not a minute by minute analysis of one man's affair. 

true democracy needs informed and intellectual discourse among the citizenry. 

The issue is that the head of the CIA compromised himself.

Emails sensitive to national security may have been exposed.

It's a big deal.

The intellectual discourse is this: Leaders do not get a pass. 

At least he took responsibility for his actions instead of blaming someone else. 

Sure, report the news but let's not dwell on it. This is why magazine reading is preferable to watching TV/reading newspaper. Mag will write a long-form story covering the whole event, and that's it. Different magazines will have different stories, info, sources, et. al but materially they move on from week to week on to major topics.

the problem with news media today is they saturate airwaves with lots and lots of talking heads but few substantive facts or discourse. 

hence why americans who watch TV news are actually considerably less informed than those who don't, empirically speaking. 

BTW, he was going to be outed. And this affair had happened a while ago? No bonus points for admitting something people will all find out soon enough.  

Americans still need to know if any sensitive information was leaked.

There are lots of consequences.

In addition, there's all kinds of other shenanigans that are part of this, from a General in Afghanistan, to an FBI agent who sent shirtless photos of himself.

And the worst part is the feeling that there's still more to this story that has not gotten out yet.

 There are like 4/10 most popular stories on NYT about this. Nobody's breaking any new news though.

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