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New features: comment formatting & deletion.

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PandaWhale now supports some basic HTML tags: a, b, i, p, and img. If you want to add images or use italic or bold formatting, you will need to use those tags explicitly. We auto-linkify comments, but you can also use a tags explicitly if you want to customize the link text.

p tags are used for formatting automatically. You may use them explicitly if you wish.

We also have better support for non-ASCII chars.

Finally, please note that you can also now delete your comments. Next up: comment editing!

This comment has been deleted by the author.

Above is what happens if you delete a "top level" comment (first comment in a new thread). Non-top-level comments will simply disappear.

This line was added via the edit feature!

HTML tags you can now use:

  • Web:
    1. a href for links
    2. img for images
  • Typesetting:
    1. b for bold
    2. i for italic
  • Formatting:
    1. p for paragraph
    2. blockquote for blockquote
  • Listing:
    1. ol for numbered list
    2. ul for bulleted list
    3. li for list items

lol test tooltips

First off, I love that you used this Convo to cross-publish to our Tumblr blog.

That said, bold and italic tags are fun, and I will try to emply the img tag wisely. I'm also thrilled with the better support for non-ASCII chars! Convos just got a lot more fun!


A group of lions is called a pride. What is a group of pandas called?

If pandas are bears, a group of bears is called a sleuth of bears.

I'd suggest a pandamonium, or perhaps a pandemic.

Excellent call, sir. Pandas, in fact, do not get their own breakout group name:

Related: My favorite Banksy graffiti work... Pandamonium:

Josh, I found myself reaching for the LIKE button after I saw that Banksy panda.

I wanted to LIKE it, too!

I have nothing to say.

I just want to see editing, and don't want to mess with a serious conversation

Comment has been edited by the author.

This is a second level comment

This comment has been deleted by the author.

This comment has been deleted by the author.

What is this silly and most abrogated of bullshit.

Nice. BTW, I think if a comment is deleted, the "edited" line should not appear.

Good point Chris. Most comments will just disappear when you delete them, but I decided to keep a stub for top-level comments in a thread. I rolled out editing today, and we decided to add that note indicating that an edit occurred. I'll be refining this feature and getting rid of the edit note for deleted TLCs.

Will probably change it to a shorter line like "Edited: timestamp" and restyle it to look like the "created time" timestamp.

I like "Edited: timestamp" so +1 for that. Rather than an "Edit" link it might be nice to touch the area and be thrown into edit mode the way Flickr does, but no urgency on that.

Also at some point it would be nice to edit Convo Topic names though that is not urgent.

Checking non-ascii characters: Ǽ ᴥ ⋓ ⟹

Awesome ☺/☻

It does work quite well. I'm not sure how to signal to people that they can use some HTML markup for bold, italics, links, and images. Other than to keep bubbling this Convo to the top. :)

You could just have a cute explanation/examples balloon pop up when a user first clicks within the input text box. Also, it's worth considering getting a rich text formatting plugin to display bold/italic buttons for the less HTML-savvy among us.

I like the balloon idea, Chris. Thanks! The challenge with a rich formatting plugin is browser compatibility. I notice that Quora's formatting widget still bonks on iPad, iPhone, and Android, a year and a half after first seeing the problem.

Testing Facebook Open Graph integration.

html sanitizing test:

that he might pursue claims against Jon S. Corzine and other top executives of MF Global — citing their “negligence” in the collapse of the brokerage firm.






lol testing testing


LOL testing open graph



lol @   allowing <pre> tags hahahahaha



 It's not just software... it's the software-making PROCESS. For instance, it looks like they do a lot of A-B testing now. They expect to iterate quickly. They segment their market into the various slices of the bell curve (e.g. your millionth user is a different person than your 10 millionth or 100 millionth user). The process is the hardest thing to convey to others.

 testing auto-linking of Bing API images

ha ha

 testing auto-linking of images fetched via url

Pendejadas y demas


Autoparsing of images test:


verifying that bing images don't unlink on edit



testing tumblr tag search


testing image multi-select




testing new threads

fat guy

testing replies

testing image import autolink source url preservation bullpuckey

via widget

direct copy/paste




LOL testing new comments

anne hathaway

anne hathaway

anne hathaway








why do you post such a weird pictures? you should better check this out

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