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Gabriel Medina replaque un backflip en free surf

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Backflip on the north shore.

Whoa. Is that safe? 

 Probably.  BTW, I can't replace the image with a "change this image" link. 

That's odd -- I was able to change it. Will see if I can figure out why. 

 Not sure.  Every other link worked, also it's worked for me before.  I have firefox 16.0.2 with Noscript, but noscript showed that all scripts were allowed.   I went to my profile to see if all my stashes had cover images.  Sad Software didn't, so I clicked on "click to add image" and then search for images, and instead of searching for "sad software" it searched for "infographics" which didn't have graphics either.  

I went back to Infographics and chose and image for it, and then went back to sad software, and this time it picked the search term for the other stash without an image.

So I found at least one bug.  If you have more than one stash without a cover image and you click on it, it tries to search for the name of the last stash rather than the name of the one you clicked on. 

Thanks Greg. I shall call you... Bug hunter.

And reward you with this Gabriel Medina video.

 Hey, I was there at that exact spot just last week.  FWIW, I think that girl's name is Sandy. 

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