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Pull-up bars

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I'm thinking of getting a pull-up bar for the office so the Panda and I can bang out a few sets of pull-ups whenever we need a little exercise. Is there really any difference between these:

I know this is an old question now, but don't get #5l, #6, or #7.  I have had #5, and it's flimsy, feels like the middle is ready to fall apart every time I use it.  I don't know why they made it 2 pieces of metal with 1 screw holding it together instead of one piece of metal.

I posted a response and it's gone!  don't do #5-7.  I own %5 and it's a really poorly designed system.  The #1 bar works just fine and doesn't have the design flaw of the one I own.

I see two responses from you... Good to know, I was thinking of getting #5.

I still can't do pull-ups. Requires too much upper body strength for me. 

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