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2011-Pato Music World (PMW Live)

PMW Live is a catalyst for independent artist allowing them the opportunity to get their music out into the world. PMW Live believes that undiscovered talent don’t need a major record deal to launch a career. Undiscovered artists now have an avenue to be self made and for their music to be heard all around the world.


-The song “Friday,” by Rebecca Black, written by Patrice Wilson, was ranked 29th on the U.S. Billboard Top 100. It was featured/covered by Glee, America’s Best Dance Crew, Good Morning America, America’s Got Talent and Kohls.

-The music video for the hit song, “Friday,” created by Patrice Wilson, was ranked #1 as Most Viewed Video Worldwide in 2011, reported by Google. PMW Live songs, music videos and artists became the top ten trend in Google and Yahoo searches in 2011.

-Lexi St. George’s song, “Dancing to the Rhythm,” written by Patrice Wilson, was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America for one week. She has also signed with Wowee Toys to be their spokes model and the face of their two-million dollar campaign and commercial. The commercial for the Paper Jamz Pro Series Microphone was featured on Nickelodeon and Disney. Lexi is currently working with Ace Young, from American Idol’s season 5.

-Artist, Kaya Rosenthal’s song, “Can’t Get You Out of My Mind,” written by Patrice Wilson, became a European sensation in 2011.

-Alana Lee Hamilton’s song, “Butterflies,” written by Patrice Wilson, gained an international success, landing her an indie record deal.

-Devin Fox’s, “Hooked On You” song, written by Patrice Wilson, was also one of the fastest viewed videos of 2011, and the song has acquired success for Devin Fox, giving him the opportunity to go on tour.

-Abby Victor’s “Crush On You,” written by Patrice Wilson, has gained success with various interviews with teen magazines. She has also been featured on

-Madison Bray’s song, “Girls Swag,” written by Patrice Wilson, earned her attention and interviews on Canadian Radio KISS and various teen magazines.

-Ariana Devornik’s song, “Fly Away,” written by Patrice Wilson, achieved a big buzz in her home country of Bosnia and acquired 80,000 video views in one day. Her songs have been remixed and played in clubs all over the world.

-CJ Fam’s song, “Ordinary Pop Star,” co-written by Patrice Wilson, has gained success since her music video was featured on NBC news."

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