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Zynga Spent $1.37 Million to Protect Its CEO -

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$1.2 million home security system for Mark Pincus and $596,000 paid "to a company owned by Mr. Pincus which helps facilitate his security."

Only defense contractor Lockheed Martin and Oracle spend more on CEO security.

Google: $268,000

Exxon Mobil: $204,000

I had no idea that Mark Pincus was THAT insecure.

Apparently Zynga is only #3 in ridiculous amounts of money spent to protect its idiot executives:

Wouldn't this money be better spent trying to find a cure for cancer?

Remember, we're talking about a guy who buys a potato chip factory and then rents it back to Zynga.

For a profit.

Seriously mercenary.

And Facebook STILL won't let us block Zynga:

Lol. He's figured out that life is a game!

"In Feb. 2011, Pincus was granted a restraining order against Vera Svenchina, a former stripper and filmmaker, whose blog contains some interesting claims about Pincus and other Google, Apple and Microsoft moguls. Threats and bizarre emails and actual run-ins with the Russian national were enough to drive the Pincus family to a more secure locale."


Brilliant quote I found on an msnbc discussion page:

In my home we refer to Zynga's owner as Pincus The Stinkus.

He is a self-proclaimed scammer and it is a shame that Facebook allows Zynga to stain their site.

Customer service is shoddy and rude...

Games are glitchy and not very imaginative...

I tell anyone who asks if their games are worth playing:HELL NO!!!!!

And who could forget this gem?


Good ol' Quora! (Of course the answer was hidden)

I wonder if all the Stinkus people are the same person, or if he has inspired many people to be actively against him.

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