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Mark Pincus in Tears

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In May, at an off-site meeting in Monterey, Calif., with 100 senior employees, one group led by product director Jonathan Liu confronted Mr. Pincus over morale. Mr. Liu said he told Mr. Pincus that Zynga needed a clear strategic vision.


Hey, at least he's copying steve jobs.

His future is bright.

I disagree. Read this:

Some of Zynga's largest games on Facebook were also stalling. The trend was noticed by Zynga board member Bing Gordon, a Kleiner Perkins venture capitalist.

Mr. Gordon said Zynga had failed to prioritize mobile development and found that its online games didn't easily translate to smartphones' smaller screens. "Mobile turned out to be more different than anyone expected, in terms of monetization and also user experience," he said.

Mobile game development is hard. 

Zynga has never developed a hit mobile game in house.

 I was being facetious. If the word hate were not already reserved for tragedies where genocide, rape, and murder occur -- I would hate Zynga.

The company is filth and I hope they get wiped off the face of the planet. 

The senior executives and VCs are the only winners here. Everyone else lost. 

Good riddance with bad rubbish.

And this is fake, probably a PR piece to show that he is contrite. He is not. Pincus laughed his way to the bank. 

It's a game to him, and he used the cheat codes to beat mario in 11 minutes and steal all the loot.

That fake steve jobs thing isn't going to save him.

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