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Steve Jobs vs. Sam Walton: The tale of the tape - Fortune Management

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Isaacson: "Genius" is a word thrown around pretty loosely and shouldn't be, but if it applies to anybody, it applies to Steve Jobs. He actually wasn't the smartest person in the digital revolution. Bill Gates had more conventional mental-processing power than Steve did in terms of analyzing information and data. But Steve Jobs had an intuitive genius, and that genius comes not just from being smart but from being imaginative and creative. And making leaps that come from thinking differently.

Huey: Steve was like Edison. Edison was a genius. We don't know what his IQ was, but it may not have been very high. We don't even know if -- we don't even know that Steve could do math.

Sam was more like Henry Ford. He was very focused on changing something that was massive and structural. Was Henry Ford a genius? I don't think so, but he was a great businessman. Sam Walton was a great businessman. Walter made a joke about Ben Franklin and Einstein and Steve Jobs, but I don't really think it's a joke. I think they were all geniuses.

Steve Jobs never invented anything. But he was great at connecting the dots.

I guess they were similar in that regard.

He believed in the interconnectedness of all things:

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