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Xbox Live Turns 10: Reflecting On An Online Revolution

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"As Blackley put it, “The most beautiful thing about Xbox Live was that it showed gamers have that full spectrum of emotions and that gamers weren't aliens. They were real people in real ways. It showed how important playing games was to their lives and how passionate they were about it. And that passion came out in positive ways and negative ways, but the important part is it expressed that range of emotion. And I think that was a surprise to a lot of people.”

While there were doubts as to the fate of Xbox Live specifically, one thing that the key players at Microsoft or Bungie agreed on was the inevitability of online gaming. Having already seen it established on the PC, Ryan knew it would similarly take over the console world when he saw the lengths to which people went to play the network-enabled--but not Xbox Live compatible--Halo: Combat Evolved online. Some enterprising players cobbled together their own online services for the game, while Ryan said the armed forces reported problems with sailors on submarines rewiring their bunks so they could play Halo against each other."

Long Live XB Connect! LOL. That is what we did before Xbox live. Holy cow, the lag times were insane. Almost like a cheat code.

Those were the days (nostalgia).

Tired of people picking on MSFT for not having balls to innovate.

MSFT innovates all the freaking time.

Also interesting to see just how influential Bungie was back then.

Xbox might be out-innovating PS/3 and Nintendo.

But it's getting out-innovated by Valve/Steam and tablets.

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