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Have You Heard the One About the Religious Woman Who Stops Being Religious in College?

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"There has always been a small but significant part of the church, of course, that focuses on issues of poverty and equality rather than buying expensive rings for young virgins; it has always been possible and often common for someone to possess a rich and layered faith in God without being a total fucking asshole about it." "It is in some circles not uncommon to hear that religious people, particularly social conservatives, are dying without being replaced, that it's simply a matter of waiting the requisite number of years before America blossoms into the secular paradise the fanciest of our Founding Fathers always meant it to be. I don't think it's very likely. But it is a new and a promising and a hopeful development for us that the contingent of evangelical Christians who would see this country based on a rigid hierarchy bolstered by fear of the unknown, the unrestrained, the uncontrolled are no longer the most influential and the most powerful." "The Bible also teaches little girls that they can grow up to drive spikes into the heads of Canaanite generals, and I think there's value in that."

 She seems so bitter. 

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