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Medium Hires Former ICM Literary Agent, Kate Lee, As Its Director Of Content

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This article fails to follow basic communication principles: Who is Kate Lee, What is ICM, why is she important, and with which authors has she worked?

ANYYYYYYWAYS, foregoing the important details, Medium has nailed one and only one core principle down: they center the darn text in the page.

Why folks can't figure this out even after Apple has showed them the way and howe people read best on the way (see: Facebook news feed, and Google SERP) --- TWITTERRRRR we're looking at you -- is unbeknownst to me.

Centering text is really that important?

Yes. Trust me. As mobile phone and tablet use becomes more prevalent, more people will figure this out. Some articles, unless they are really freaking awesome, I refuse to read if Safari doesn't display a little "reader" button to center AND enlarge the text to me to a reasonable proportion. 

Most of these folks are either a) trying to maximize ad pixels and points and b) design screens on 27" monitor and have no frame of reference for the person using an 11" screen or a 7" tablet. 

Over time, many people's vision deteriorate. Dare I say all? Text is both too small, uncentered and as a result unfocused, and not practical for mobile or tablet consumption. Then again, if you're not readable on an iPad, you're probably not readable on the web, either. 

You'd think that iPhone would just automatically put everything into Reader mode...

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