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TIL: Anderson Cooper is a real-life Will McAvoy (or, Will McAvoy is inspired by real-life Anderson Cooper)

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Dude is hilarious.

UPDATE: "In his preparation for writing The Newsroom, Sorkin spent time hanging around on the set of Keith Olbermann's show, among others. Sorkin has denied that McAvoy is in any way modeled on Olbermann, and I don't really buy his denials. But, in the premiere at least, he seems to have been inspired at least as much by Anderson Cooper. When a distraught Cooper, reporting from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, unloaded his agita on the mayor of New Orleans, it marked the start of his rise at CNN. The network was quick to market him as a new breed of anchor, one who journeys to danger zones to get the story and wears his convictions on his sleeve. That was in 2005. These days, in addition to his duties at CNN, Cooper is host of a syndicated daytime talk show for women. Last week's guests on Andersonincluded Olivia Newton-John, Growing Pains star Tracey Gold, and Dancing with the Stars winner J.R. Martinez. Doesn't make air-travel disruptions sound so soft, does it?

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I miss The Newsroom. Glad it's coming back for a second season.

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