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Video - Walt Mossberg Presents His Annual Fall Laptop Buyers' Guide for the 2012 Holidays -

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Is Walt serous or having fun at Windows?...:)

 Greg's annual laptop buying guide?  Never buy one again!

Never buy a laptop? Only tablets from now on?

 A fixed location high-end workstation for dev and gaming, maybe one for home and one for the office, a smart phone for carrying and convenience, and a tablet for when the phone is not enough.   It's been 4 years since I've needed a laptop or even thought about booting one up.

He's serious. Windows 8 and Windows RT do not sound good from this video.

I checked the surface and windows 8. 

As usual, MSFT is doing great job trying to please corporate IT departments by taking the portals from 90s and moving these to touch screen based tablet suited for guys with well trained biceps muscle.

As to retail consumers it's a high learning curve to same old: 

- The explorer now have the MS Office style forest of buttons, which can confuse even an experienced user. 

- New IE 10, which supposed to bring better internet, has the lowest HTML5 support score comparing to any other modern browser:

- The interface is half way touch, half way mouse oriented. You have "METRO" interface well suited for touch combined with same old "Are you sure?" message boxes with "Yes"/"No" buttons, which require mouse.

After all, who cares about retail customers, if IT departments will do the job for you.

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