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ReadWrite – The International Trade Commission Raises Stakes In Apple - Samsung Cold War

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"To put it in Cold War terms, Apple and Samsung represent the U.S. and the Soviet Union as superpowers with spheres of influence spanning the globe. Instead of nuclear weapons, the deterrents are patents. The role of the United Nations (which is supposed to keep the peace and determine fair practices worldwide) is filled by the ITC and global courts.

But that's as far the analogy goes. Unlike the U.N., the ITC has become an active player along with the superpowers - determining if the patents will be successful in blocking devices from reaching the market. 

The danger here is that, instead of preventing mutually assured destruction between Apple and Samsung, the ITC will enable it. For instance, what if the ITC rules on four specific patents in one case in favor of Apple and then in favor of Samsung in another? Would that create an import ban on both companies? It might seem far-fetched, but it is a distinct possibility."

January 13, we'll know.

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