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LAWYER UP, FOLKS: Act II of a Scandal - Cue the Superlawyers and the Spinmasters -

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America, the beautiful.

Perhaps all this media focus on Petraeus will prevent the next guy from doing something wrong when he has the opportunity to do right.

 I truly do not care about his personal life. Was he doing his job yes or no?

If he was spending his work time hiding affairs in his personal life, then no.

I don't buy it; I don't think this guy was a saint, affair or no, but I want the CIA dude doing his job.

Better said, who do you think was a better president 42 or 43? And did the lack of a (publicly-known) affair make 43 a better president or better able to execute?


42 was definitely a better President than 43.

But I weep for what 42 could have achieved if he wasn't distracted by his affair.

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