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Column: Time for GOP to divorce Fox News

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 Yep and start living in 2012, not in 1776.

Or better yet, start living in 2013 -- how about looking forward?

Because it's better to have immigrants as indentured slaves/servants. 

The main issues about which they need to change; women's rights, immigration, and healthcare. 

Can we gamble on which one they'll break about first? My money is on immigration. 

Changing the party platform depends on changing the party leadership.

You're right that the hard line stance against immigration has got to go.

That alone may not be enough. The phrase "legitimate rape" killed the GOP in 2012.

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall as they say. Nothing like a bit of destruction to humble spirits; however, it'll be interesting to see how the House GOPers act. They lost their #1 goal of denying the President a second term; what will be their purpose moving forward?I can imagine now, an internal memo, circulating amongst GOP congressman; a fact sheet, if you will, about procreation, rape, and sex.

omg is Boehner crying again

Boehner never stops crying. He weeps for joy and he weeps for sadness. 

How about we use a Thumb War to resolve the Debt Cliff

So you don t cry anymore and in exchange I will stop gloating Deal

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