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New For-Profit School Avenues Goes All In With Tech -

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"If what we're doing is replacing a 50-cent notebook with a $700 notebook, that's probably not a good use," said Howard Pitler, incoming chief program officer for Midcontinent Research for Education and Learning, a nonprofit group.

He said he knew of no school offering iPads and laptops to students and called it likely "redundant."

But, he added, if technology is used to "extend the classroom beyond the walls of the classroom, it could be a game-changer."

That is precisely their intent, Avenues officials said, pointing to projects that have already connected their students with other schools to study weather patterns and cyber bullying. With plans to develop their own network of academies around the world, Avenues officials said the ability to share across cultures will only increase.

/**Wait, this it the best part**/

"I thought it was actually pretty cool because usually you don't use technology in class," said Isabelle, an 11-year-old who attended Public School 104 last year. To avoid distraction, she added, "when I get home and start doing my homework, I try to start without my laptop."

/** NEW YORK CALLS THEIR SCHOOLS "PUBLIC SCHOOL 104"!?!?!? LOL. No wonder they left the public school system **/

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