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9gag slogan: "It's just not Reddit."

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Any ideas for the slogan of 9gag? Better to have 3-4 words only.

Jesus Christ, they cant even think of a slogan for themselves? Heres some

"Copy/Paste the internet"

"No original content inside"

"How do I slogan?"

"We steal from 4chan"

"Better than meat spin"

"Disregard, I suck cocks"

"What would Jesus do?"

"I can haz 9gag"

"You wont be back"

"Chuck Norris jokes anyone?"

"We are Cancer"

"le derp"

"Even Tumblr hates us"

I like healthy slathering of fucking stupid.

That's four words if you don't count the word "OF".

"OF" shouldn't count.

I do love "Even Tumblr hates us"... LOL.

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