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US Planned to Nuke the Moon - Moon - Fox Nation

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Unlike the "realistic plan" to nuke the moon:

Geez. I still don't get it. What's the sane reason to nuke the moon?

 *sigh* ... the last realistic excuse to use nukes was Tora Bora.... :-\

 My wife said they couldn't because Tora Bora sounded too close to Bora Bora which was where we spent our honeymoon. :-)

BTW, I went back in the time machine this morning while doing a search on nukes and in fact the nuke of the day in Roman times was salt.  After conquering the, the Spartans sowed the Athenian soil with salt so that the ground would be infertile...

Nuking a city you already reduced to ashes and rubble would be the same thing in today's terms. 

 Tora Bora was the mountain that Bin Laden and the Taliban hid out for a bit at the end of our invasion. I think turning it into Tora Bora radioactive crater would have gotten our point across.

Nuking the moon tho: definitely a dumb idea. However, it seems to me that the CIA and Pentagon of the 50s kept churning out insane ideas like that because they knew Eisenhower would always filter them out.

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