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Tumblebrag: Tumblr now #10 in the USA

Tumblebrag Tumblr now 10 in the USA

Source: Tumblr Staff

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Tumblr has broken into the Top 10 sites in the U.S., and now has a worldwide audience of 170 million people.

The Creator David Karp humblebrags:

This isn’t meant to be a brag – though you should definitely try our new Android and iOS apps if you haven’t yet – but a credit to all of your brilliant creative efforts. You guys have earned an audience bigger than the biggest TV networks, and you continue to make some of the most thought provoking, insightful, inspiring, funny, diverse, and compelling content being created today.

Mother of God. Tumblr is here to stay.

All hail The Creator!

david karp meme

David Karp, the creator of Tumblr. 

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