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Deconstructing: Trent Reznor’s Legacy - Stereogum

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Trent Reznor may be resurrecting Nine Inch Nails in the near future — no hiatus is truly indefinite. What form the group takes next remains to be seen: Reznor’s current work focuses on mood and ambience, but his career has zigged and zagged, always playing against his last release. In addition, his current projects have all drawn from NIN as source material — tracks from The Social Network soundtrack appeared on NIN’s Ghosts, for example. (And how will it be distributed? The world has caught up to Reznor’s digital, label-free release strategy in the four years since The Slip.) An omen__ takes only the most subdued bits of Reznor’s repertoire: the acoustic instruments of The Fragile; the ambient brooding on the last half of The Slip. The Black Ops II theme brings more bombast, and a fraction of ominous mood from The Downward Spiral. Neither feels revolutionary compared to Reznor’s past work, but they do have a sophistication that his early music did not. I’ve been listening to Reznor since adolescence, and unlike almost every musician from that time, he’s produced work that has matured alongside me (and many other people). Broken is the sound of smoking in the bathroom stall; The Social Network is searching for a job armed with an undergraduate degree; An omen_ is the sound of a frigid office building. Whatever permutation of genre or instrumentation Reznor employs next, it will no doubt continue to reflect the many imaginations and lives for which Reznor has long been providing the soundtrack.

I'm confused. I thought Nine Inch Nails is Trent Reznor?

What does NIN have that isn't just Trent?

 NIN is.  But Trent does more music besides just NIN.  The two are often thought of as one but he does not want it so. 

Just a branding thing? Or something more significant? 

 Sadly, I have not met Trent, so I cannot say.  

Someday, someway. It's an aspirational goal!

I have not written that one down.  Yet.

Write it down! Write it down!

but then I have to work toward it. 

Yes! Yes! Work toward it! Work toward it!

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