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Grumpy Cat clapping gif

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Grumpy Cat Tard has a better expression for this clap gif than Orson Welles did.

Like a sir. Even though Grumpy Cat is a madam.

Grumpy Cat Like a Sir Like a Boss Like a Madam or is it Madame


Señor Chang slow clap gif Imgur Citizen Kane clapping applause Ken Jeong Community

Here's the original on which the Grumpy Cat slow clap was based.

slow clap citizen kane orson welles gif Imgur

I believe that is Orson Welles... Or is it Heath Ledger?

Heath Ledger Joker Citizen Kane slow clap gif Imgur clapping applause

Or maybe... Nicolas Cage?

nicolas cage citizen kane slow clap gif Imgur clapping applause

Or the super Murica 4th of July version?

citizen kane slow clap gif Imgur Tumblr murica 4th of july eagle american flag michael bay

Well done, sir.

well done sir gif Imgur Wiserhood clapping toast wine glass whiskey

High quality version of that gif:

Damn good stuff sir gif

George Costanza from Seinfeld clapping along, too...

George Costanza Seinfeld clapping gif

The Rock approves. And applauds.

The Rock applauds applause clapping gif

Applause from The Joker.

Joker clapping applause gif

Picard claps, too!

Picard clapping applause gif

Snape approves.

Snape approves clapping gif

Joffrey claps:

Joffrey slow clap gif

Robert Downey Jr can only clap once before losing it:

Robert Downey Jr clapping and laughing gif

Minions approve!

Minions cheering gif

Audience applause

Billy Dee Williams clapping!

Billy Dee Williams clapping gif

Amir claps.

Amir clapping gif

So does Homer.

Homer Simpson clapper gif

Clap on, clap off!

Philip j fry clapping gif

Ben Affleck salute!

Ben Affleck fist pump gif

Jayma Mays clapping with GLEE...

Jayma mays clapping gif GLEE

Olivia Wilde applause gif:

Olivia Wilde applauds gif

imgur: the simple image sharer

lily mo sheen awkward clapping gif Imgur Kate Beckinsale daughter with Michael Sheen

Hagrid from Harry Potter approves.

Hagrid Harry Potter clapping gif

Mary Poppins claps.

Mary Poppins claps gif

Rihanna claps!

rihanna clapping gif

rihanna blowing kiss gif

maurice moss clapping gif meme

Ryan Gosling clapping gif Imgur

hobbits clapping gif Frodo Sam Pippin Merry Lord of the Rings applause Imgur

asian babe clapping gif Imgur

JGL clapping gif Imgur

taxi driver clapping gif Robert deniro Imgur

James Spader in a mustache clapping, waving, and pointing...

james spader mustache clapping gif Imgur

Someone has to start the slow clap.

somebody has to start the slow clap

Wow! Bravo!

Jon Stewart Stephen Colbert wow bravo gif

Colbert slow clap:

Colbert slow clap gif

senor chang slow clap gif abed britta troy Community Imgur

GTM slow clap gif Imgur

Mary Poppins Slow Clap gif

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