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Bradley Horowitz On Facebook Ads:

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Facebook news feed ads are like a guy with a sandwich board running in between an intimate conversation between a man and his daughter.

By comparison, Google's social ads are elegant:

Horowitz said it's much more useful (and less annoying) to users to show social recommendations instead of ads. For example, if you search for a product in Google –– say a microwave –– you can see which one your Google+ contacts recommend.

"It turns out recommendations are very valuable to users without compromising the user experience," Horowitz said.

Unlike Facebook, "we don't have to make next week's payroll by jamming ads at users," Horowitz added.

Oh snap!

But actually, I think he's right.

Ads in the news feed are killing the Facebook experience for me.

 I hear and see this comment all the time from friends. They'll take snapshots of ridiculous ads Facebook has posted in their stream...

Also brands that I've "liked" then later pollute my stream with ads.

As a whole, it's an annoying experience.

And yet, if that's what Facebook must do to sustain itself, then one considers it a necessary evil...Facebook is at least as useful as one's cellphone service, in my opinion, and a lot less expensive from a monetary value to utilize it. Of course, one could argue that one needs cable/cell service, but wi-fi and/or work internet does suffice.

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