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Alex Honnold: The World’s Best Free Soloist -Esquire

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A living legend.

Wow, that looks frightening. Is it as scary as it looks?

I think so. Even when one is on a rope, it's unnerving as heck. People die even when wearing a rope. Or get hurt pretty badly.

I like how honest he is. No bravado. No promises. Just delivers.

Let' see what Alex has to say: 

"“I didn’t want to get bitten. My rational brain knew that the mouse was more scared of me than I was of him. But that’s how fear works. When a few little things go wrong, it’s easy to start down that road where you build this escalating sense of panic, like, ‘oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, I don’t know what to do…’”"

"“I must have free soloed thousands of pitches,” he says. “And I had all kinds of fucked up experiences, climbing the wrong route, and getting really scared. But I learned that, to a large extent, the cruxing was self-imposed.” “Cruxing” is climber-talk for those moments of difficulty, fear and panic, those times when, as Honnold says, “you go, ‘I’m scared, I’m really scared, oh God, oh God, oh God…’”


"“I know the risks,” says Honnold. “I’ve fallen sometimes when I haven’t expected to, with a rope on, too. But that’s with a rope, you know? I trust myself that, when it really matters, I won’t fuck up."

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