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Costco CEO pays his employees $17/hr on average, plus benefits. That's better than most companies.

Costco CEO pays his employees 17 hr on average plus benefits That s better than most companies


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He also founded the company.

You can tell he's a badass because of his mustache

Using that logic, half the Village People were badasses, too.

Village people

Not to worry. I'm an economist. You see, Wallstreet people are assholes.

Ah, economics. The study of assholes.

Why would Wallstreet demand cuts to employee salaries and benefits?!? (seriously, I'm not an economist)

Wall Street investors are often short-sighted. They think you can simply raise profits by slashing costs. This is true in the short-term, but doing so almost certainly cripples the company's long-term prospects.Al Dunlap used to be known affectionately as "Chainsaw Al" for being able to run this playbook...until his work at Sunbeam revealed that he also used accounting fraud to make the numbers.

Good story, Chris.

It helps me to remember that "Wall Street" is not a person. It's a mob.

And as Chris says, mobs are often short sighted.

He's in it to make money. Happy workers are busy workers. It's good business to give a shit about your employees.

You'll be a fine CEO someday.

Society is evolving (slowly). It is not is just giving a damn about your fellow human being.

The older I get, the happier I am when I find someone who actually cares.

Companies Priorities Should Be:

1. Customers

2. Employees

3. Increasing Profit

And in that order!

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