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Imgur and the UNICEF Tap Project.

Imgur and the UNICEF Tap Project


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Hey guys! This is me, TurkNJD.


While Imgur-ing, as I often do, I stumbled upon this image, and decided that Imgur is better than just standing by on the sidelines, and that we could help the clean water access problem through our Imgur community and the UNICEF Tap Project.


Together with my roommate, all within 2 months, we organized the Raise Hope project, a charity gala for the UNICEF Tap Project to unite Imgurians and make a difference!


Thanks to Imgur, the Huq Foundation, and Ross University, we were able to fundraise over $2,300.00 for UNICEF!! Thank you all for making me feel at home with the classiest people on the internet!


I may be heartless. But ain't no way I am gonna let someone just down vote a good thing. Keep it up OP. World needs more helping.

+1 for you good sir! Faith in humanity restored!

you sir are a true hero , well done

A true hero deserves a Mariah Carey tribute song.

Exceptional work! You are a true gentleman and a scholar.

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