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The Journey Starts Here

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Lean Startuping from a solopreneur

This is pretty brilliant:

It all started out about 3 months ago when I was using IFTTT to subscribe to Craigslist gigs for some potential consulting gigs. I landed 2 contracts off the service and thought to myself there must be others that aren’t as web 2.0 savvy that would love a service like this.

IFTTT is a great tool to get Craigslist alerts BUT it’s too difficult to setup and to maintain.

With the help of some talented peeps from Odesk I was able to go from concept to working demo in about 2.5 weeks. Cl Alerts was built on top of Mailgun, Launchbit and MagpieRSS.

I admire the resourcefulness!

 Thanks Adam.. your bookmarklet was kind of inspiration.  

 Best part it I am making decent ad revenue so far :) 

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