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Juliana Silveira

Hello, my name is Juliana Silveira! I live in Rio de Janeiro and I work as a networker/researcher for a smart investment team at IP, a traditional asset management company in Brazil.

I spend most of my day looking for interesting and experienced professionals that can help us understand better the companies we would like to invest in - lucky, during that task i get to read as much as i possibly can about people, networking, companies and sometimes, for fun and for a break, about food and restaurants.

The activities i love the most on my free time are reading, cooking, watching movies and have a great talk with friends over good food and few drinks. I consider myself shy on big crowds, but i can make friends wherever i go, literally (little tip: it's very easy to make friends in museums, i always end up with someone to show me the city:)

Before i leave this world i would like to spend some time in India (i have a pact with God that i won't die before that), raise 2 or 3 kids, have a edible garden and being helpful (no matter how) to those that reach me.

If you are reading this and ever come to my city and need a tour, you can drop me a note on, we can meet at some museum here, we can share stories and i can take you to my favorite places, restaurant included!

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