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Marianne Barnard

- Artist -

Marianne is a contemporary expressionist artist creating in a broad spectrum of mediums. Her art comes from a deep place within her psyche, expressing both personal and social issues.

"Before I start creating a piece, I ignite myself from within, gather energy to reach a level of intensity from which the shapes and colors will be born. I often find a piece of music, which moves me and expresses some of the thoughts and feeling I'm wrestling with, which I use as a mantra. I will listen to a song on repeat throughout the birthing process of a piece of art. I let the energies of the music flow through me so that I become a conduit and my artistic process becomes a dance of creation." - M

Marianne grew up in Malibu, riding the waves and horseback riding, which fostered her close connection to and love of the ocean and nature. Attended Idyllwild Arts Academy, had the privilege of taking classes taught by Francoise Gilot (Painting, Life Drawing, Monotype, Lithography and Etching) subsequently mentored by her. Received a Bachelor of Arts, Fine and Studio Arts, from Pepperdine University.

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