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Tim Berners-Lee: demand your data from Google and Facebook

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Consumers should be in control of their data, not advertisers.

"Berners-Lee has in the past warned that the rise of social-networking "silos" such as Facebook, and "closed world" apps such as those released by Apple, which cannot be indexed by web search engines, threaten the openness and universality that the architects of the internet saw as central to its design."

There's actually very little information on the open Web these days: There's Wikipedia, the Blogosphere, and a smattering of websites.

Most information is behind walled gardens, behind paywalls, in places where they'll disappear (like Twitter), or buried in services with no Web presence (but accessible through smartphone apps).

The mission of PandaWhale is to expand the open Web.

We will do this by offering tools to people that let them share things they find on Facebook, Twitter, etc in a place that's permanently available on the open Web.

We've only just begun.

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