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When cats can’t accomplish something, they just pretend they were about to do a different thing.

When cats can t accomplish something they just pretend they were about to do a different thing

Source: Reddit gifs

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That's why cats tend to lick themselves after making a mistake: they don't want to show weakness.

Another example, making like he was just going to play with a slipper:

kitten jumps dog then jumps back gif

cat almost attacks baby gif

Here's another example:

Meant to do it... LIKE A BOSS.

Meant to do it... LIKE A BOSS gif

Laughing...saw a cat jump a lizard like a tiger attacking a guy on an elephant the other day.Β  Afterwards, it kind of looked at me with a grin, "hey , did you get that on vid?"Β  Sorry, cat, sorry.

George Carlin agrees. See 4:20 in this video:

Mr. T talks about recouping from an absoludicrous situation using breakdancing:

Recouping: One out of one Dr. T's recommend it. Be somebody!

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