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How Facebook Can Live Up To The Hype : Planet Money : NPR

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"In other words, even if Facebook grows to include nearly half the people on the planet, it will still also need to increase the amount of money it gets for each user by nearly 50 percent."

Do you think this will be possible? I have to move away from the platform because people can spend only X amount of time with them a day. The amount of content, apps etc. is growing really fast and hard to keep up with. There is definite problem of information overload.

It is like a news-paper adding more and more supplements.

Can people read all the supplements?

Facebook's big answer to this question is mobile.

Every mobile app that has people login with their Facebook accounts, gives Facebook more insight and more ability to monetize those users.

Recent examples include Chill, Pinterest, Spotify, and Socialcam.

This is why Facebook App Center is so important.

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