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Apple's new 'spaceship' campus: What will the neighbors say? -

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Looks pretty awesome. I want to live next to a spaceship.


I want to live IN a spaceship!

I want to eject people I don't like FROM a spaceship!

How very 2001 of you. ;)

I love the renderings, but it was interesting I attended a forum discussion Q&A this evening with a Paul Goldberger at the JCCSF. Goldberger is a Pulitzer prize winning architectural critic from NYC...he loves the work of Norman Foster (the architect behind the campus) and Apple, however he was highly disappointed by the final approved design, irrespective of the physical building his highlights were interesting. From an architect's stand point, the location itself sports entire isolation from public view almost. He even went as far to have said that it was selfish for Apple to not build an incredible HQ in downtown San Jose, which could add to their almost nonexistent skyline and encourage further development of SJ as the central core of the Southbay... I'll stop there but had to drop those tid bits since the event took place just 2 hours ago.

Apple has never been a fan of San Jose. And isolation has always been their way.

An incredible HQ in downtown SJ will have to be the job of another company.

eBay? Adobe? PayPal? HP? Anyone?

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