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Joi Ito's Near-Perfect Explanation of the Next 100 Years - Technology Review

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One hundred years from now, the role of science and technology will be about becoming part of nature rather than trying to control it.

So much of science and technology has been about pursuing efficiency, scale and “exponential growth” at the expense of our environment and our resources. We have rewarded those who invent technologies that control our triumph over nature in some way. This is clearly not sustainable.

We must understand that we live in a complex system where everything is interrelated and interdependent and that everything we design impacts a larger system.

My dream is that 100 years from now, we will be learning from nature, integrating with nature and using science and technology to bring nature into our lives to make human beings and our artifacts not only zero impact but a positive impact to the natural system that we live in.

One hundred years ago, in 1912, no one could have conceived of vaccines, space stations, semiconductors, or the World Wide Web.

One hundred years from now, in 2112, I cannot conceive of the changes we collectively will make happen.

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