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Stop Holding Your Breath for Thunderbolt Storage Devices

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Yesterday's WWDC seemed to confirm the long-awaited thunderbolt accessories are not coming. I've been waiting for a relatively cheap thunderbolt drive for my MacBook Air for almost a year. Thunderbolt drives currently start at over $400 and none of them are designed to be portable. The addition of USB 3.0 to Apple's new laptops means thunderbolt storage drives are probably dead. The third-party manufacturers clearly balked at building thunderbolt accessories and I'm sure it's better that Apple chose USB 3.0 instead of clinging to thunderbolt like they did with FireWire. However, with a year old MacBook Air I guess I'll be waiting to pay $29 for a thunderbolt to USB 3.0 adapter.......

What's the advantage of Thunderbolt devices? Speed?

Yes, speed (10 Gbps vs. 5 for USB3) and power (10 watts vs 5 watts). The thunderbolt port is also smaller, but the USB3 port is backward compatible.

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