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"It's like Pinterest for forums" ~ @drusepth

@pandawhale "It's like Pinterest for forums"
11:56 AM Jun 13 2012

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I like that interpretation of PandaWhale!

I'd like to think that it's more like Pinterest for Tumblr. :)

Which would be useful, since every time I go on Tumblr I lose an hour of my life.


Andrew probably wants to use it to solve the problems that a programmer/gamer would have, not sell VCs on the market potential of the product :P

That's what it looked like at first -- pinning stuff to a forum format. I'm still getting a feel around here, lurking in the shadows.

Lurk all you like; we'll keep making it better.

It's like a more meaningful version of Twitter ! .. u can discuss things in detail with multiple parties :)

I like that interpretation, too! It seems that PandaWhale is something different to everyone.

It is definitely like a social network for me ... feels very warm and welcoming :) .. like you need a blanket and a cup of cocoa !

I'd love to see the stash & talk element dialed up. Consider this great observation of the dearly departed delicious

Pandawhale is not great repository for stuff, though it's a good place to chat, because of the sweet community

But they, how does it not become metafilter or reddit?

By evolving into a great repository for stuff. :)

Stashing is our favorite part of this system.

Thanks for the link, more to think about!

hacker news for.. everybody else?

Joey, we're flattered. Hopefully we can get there...

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