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Ermahgerd Kerrerts!!

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I dare you to try to find this image on Google or Bing.

Let's try a search for 9gag rabbit carrots, shall we?

Yeah, if I don't save this right now into my bunnies stash right now, I will lose it forever.


Ermahgerd Merlkbehrns!!!


I would have had to search for ICHC dog milkbones and found nothing, but now that I've stashed it I can rest easy, knowing it'll always be here on PandaWhale for me anytime I'd like to find it again.

For what it's worth, he also likes tennis balls:


"Thurrrow Teh Berl! Thurrrow Teh Berl!"

What if he really did throw that tennis ball? ~Introspective Pug


Bergen Sterps

Bergen Sterps

Ermagherd Cats

Ermahgerd Ferncer Ferst

Ermahgerd Terfhberush

Ermahgerd Snuhr

Ermagherd Bear, Monkey, and Horse

Ermahgerd Tershtercals

Ermahgerd Ah Shtick

Ermahgerd Clerp Clerps

Still wonderful three years later.

I saw a carrot. THIS big, no lie!

This Big No Lie Bunny

More bunnies, please!

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