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If you look at almost any article on education, it will say, in a tone of alarm, that America is falling behind in education (it is), and point to the fact that we’re now 17th in the world on standardized PISA (Programme for International Student Assessments) tests.  The clear, but completely misguided, conclusion is that we need to gear up our schools to close the gap between us and the PISA leader, Shanghai.  Respected columnists suggest it’s time for eleven-month-a-year, six-day-a-week school year, giving teachers more time to crack the whip on mastering multiple choice questions.  And the ultimate irony?  Shanghai regularly sends its leaders to the US to learn how to develop bold thinkers, instead of the robots that a drill-it-til-you-kill-it education system produces.  

We collectively are pushing our education system in the exact wrong direction, and beating on it to go faster.  When we should be educating our students to be bold problem solvers, we’re pushing them to memorize and regurgitate.  When they’ll be entering an economy where there best job opportunity will be the job they can create, we’re educating them to be mindless hoop-jumpers.  And until parents, government officials, and the press wise up, educators will be pushed to do the wrong thing, and our children’s futures will be jeopardized.

Good article but I'm stuck on the Eisenberg-as-Zuckerberg-as-Obi-Wan-Kenobi picture. :)

Lol. It is a strange choice, I'll admit.

I think they were going for "as-Anakin" look.

Ah, yes, I can see the Anakin in his eyes. :)

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