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PubNub: Push Real-time Data to Mobile, Tablet, Web

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I like the slogan: Connecting everyone in the world in under a quarter second.

I had never heard of this company before!

Oddly enough, I know one of their investors:

I had pretty cool encounter with these guy on startup conference. So I'm talking to one of these guys trying to understand their product.

To clarify what it is, I asked:

- "So... is it like JMS, but on the cloud?..."

and the guy is saying

- "Hm, I'm too young to know what JMS is..."

Which got me thinking... "Am I too old to know what JMS is?...":)

Haha, that's funny. And sad.

Does he know what Tibco and MQ Series are, or am I now super old?

Have you seen Dalton Caldwell's proposal for AppNet?

Context on why Dalton is doing it:

Hm, honestly I did not get what exactly are they doing... I'm yet to get excited about the “secret project”...

He is talking a lot about good paid API and ranting about AD supported business models, sure... I agree.

Which specific developers need this “secret project” will cover?

Well, it sounds to me like he wants to build a Twitter that is paid for not with ads but with subscriptions.

Adam, this is a much better introduction to the real-time cloud messaging service powered by PubNub:

That's Real-Time, Real Easy and now Real Money, courtesy of your favorite VC!

and the actual announcement, check it out:

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