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Airtime Aims To Win The Mainstream With Over-The-Top, Star-Studded Promo Video | TechCrunch

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Does this persuade you to use AirTime?... I think realtime communication is going down among younger audience. None calles over the phone any more. Will airtime change this?...

I can see what they're aiming for, but it doesn't make me want to use it.

I wonder why.

Well, I know why... Tool does not replace the community.

One on one conversation require context and need to be scheduled in advance.

They set two completely contradicting contexts:

1. Talk to friends and family.

I use Skype to talk to my close friends and family. Skype is an app in my machine, which gives me sense of privacy. I will not move to some website, which aims at discovering new people.

2. Discover new people based on your Facebook interest profile and talk to them.

Well what kind of dork will call someone random and say something like:

- So you like "God Father" movie?... Me too... :)

Who actually maintains accurate interest profile on facebook?...

I think they should start building it along the lines of GrabWithUs.

Scheduled, focused, communication events.

Not some random encounters with no topic.

Yes, I think you're right.

What we crave is connection to other people with common interests, that allows us to build deeper relationships.

What Airtime provides is a bunch of sugar rushes that are, as you correctly called, random encounters.

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