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106 Miles meetup in SF -- Wednesday, May 18, 2011.

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At Nova Bar, 6-9pm. RSVP here:

This might be one of the last times we have it at Nova Bar. We're too big for that place. Need to find a new SF venue.

Wow, 106 Miles is just shy of 1800 members now!

yeah nova bar is wwwaaaaaayyyyy too small

Marcus and I both agreed that 25 Lusk is a great location, even if it's a little on the douchey side.

i wish!

Less douchey and more lush-friendly, please!

OMG OMG I think I found a place in SF that is less douche-y and more dive-tastic!!


I was there last night, they have a stage which would be perfect if we end up wanting to do guest speaker style things, too! AND they has a I think it sounds like heaven.

Also, the bartenders are cool. Because everyone likes cool bartenders :D

The bartenders were on board, I just have to convince the manager now...

Looks like it's walking distance from Caltrain, too. Bonus!

Yup, it was one of those things I thought was important when looking for a new place in SF! This has essentially become my mental checklist of requirements, please tell me if I need to include anything else: close to Caltrain, non-douche vibe, has a kitchen, is big enough to accommodate 100 or so people.

Big enough to accommodate 200 people would be good, too. And doesn't charge us to bring the 106 Miles posse into their saloon. :)

exactly :)

I might be a little late. We'll see.

I'm going to try my hardest to be there by 6pm...

I'm going to be there at 5pm so I don't have to wait for a drink at the bar!

Thank you Jessie! Leemore Federman and possibly Nick Sullivan will also be there at 5pm so be sure to say hello to them, and I will get there as soon as I can!

I'm working from home at the Mish today so we'll see how my fight against inertia goes...

As for a new venue - why don't you organize a 106Miles Soma Bar Crawl - that will help you goldilock the situation. >:)

Good idea. Let's get more hipsters to use our product! Make it more obscure.

byo skinny jeans and hoodie. porn-stache optional.

We'll have to tell them that we built the site in Ruby if we want them to use it.

Also, our "UX" is not innovative enough.

Hey, speaking of bullshit, I should invite Xianhang.

oh hey did you see ed martin's article on him on allthingsD?

No! Link or it didn't happen!

Awesome. Thanks for the link.

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