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President Obama, Voter Suppression and the Politics of Anything Goes -

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Voter suppression would not be as big a tactic for both parties if we increased voting ability and opportunity, right? More days, longer hours, weekends, etc.

Now, faced with a tough re-election fight, President Obama has, in fundamental respects, adopted the strategy he denounced eight years ago.

He is running a two-track campaign. One track of his re-election drive seeks to boost turnout among core liberal groups; the other aims to suppress turnout and minimize his margin of defeat in the most hostile segment of the electorate, whites without college degrees.


Both parties are adopting similar tactics of suppressing turnout.

The only reason is that it wins elections.

It's a terrible way to win. But it wins.

I dislike winning this way, but I dislike losing more.

The stakes are too high.

isn't that the argument on both sides?

It is. Which is why all civility has left the campaigns.

It's really quite sad.