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Paul Graham: Y Combinator Companies Have Raised More Than $1 Billion | TechCrunch

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With a B.

The total amount of funding raised by the 380 companies prior to the current YC batch is $1,048,274,000.

Billy Gallagher adds:

Not all YC companies are created equal. Two of Y Combinator’s most notable alums, Dropbox ($257 million) and Airbnb ($120 million), account for almost 36% of the impressive funding total.

When you add in other well-funded companies, like Scribd ($25.8 million), Disqus ($10.5 million), and Posterous ($10.1 million), the total for the remaining 375 Y Combinator companies is still an enormous, but significantly diminished, $624.9 million.

Just like with Silicon Valley, it's winner-take-most.

Billy, I was going to say the same thing. One could conclude the wrong thing by simply digesting the head line. :)

If you drop the top 5 YC companies, the average YC company has raised $1.5 million.

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