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Can Great Teaching Overcome Poverty? « Diane Ravitch's blog

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How nice to see Alex Kotlowitz in the pages of the Times.

*At Howard University, President Lyndon B. Johnson said, "Imagine a hundred-yard dash in which one of the two runners has his legs shackled together. He has progressed ten yards, while the unshackled runner has gone fifty yards. At that point the judges decide that the race is unfair. How do they rectify the situation? Do they merely remove the shackles and allow the race to proceed? Then they could say that "equal opportunity" now prevailed. But one of the runners would still be forty yards ahead of the other. Would it not be the better part of justice to allow the previously shackled runner to make up the forty-yard gap, or to start the race all over again? That would be affirmative action toward equality."

Commencement Address at Howard University (June 4, 1965)

Well said. I'm making a Poverty stash.

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