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Billionaire investor warns of fresh global crisis β€˜in 2013 or 2014β€² - Yahoo! Singapore Finance

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I've been hearing the same.

I don't know.... I'm pretty sure Germany will be fine. I think being tied to the euro is an issue, but their youth is employed and the new regulation will keep them strong even with inflation of the euro.

However America needs to work things out with the middle class... We MUST in my opinion, find away for the middle class and low income families to be consumers. Not just of credit and debt, but of goods that are produced by mom and pop shops. This will get rural areas and even metro cities live.

I personally think that we need to make heath care public to build insetive around food legislation and make healthy America a top priority. Did you know that most the items sold in Amercian super markets are not allowed in most European countries? Because they have an instetive to keep people healthy... Theyre paying for it and they want to keep people out of the hospitals and drug stores. Making health care private gives insetives to all the wrong conglomerates. That is what will destroy the USA. If the nations people aren't healthy and strong, we will get trampled. Decline of the Roman Empire anyone?

"Those that don't know history are bound to repeat it."

Antagonism between the Senate and the Emperor

Decline in Morals

Political Corruption and the Praetorian Guard

Constant Wars and Heavy Military Spending

Failing Economy

Unemployment of the Working Classes (The Plebs)

The 'Mob' and the cost of the 'Games'

Decline in Ethics and Values


Has anyone come up for a reasonable plan to allow all to have access to health care that would be supported by the majority?

Obamacare is supported by the majority of Americans.

Or do you mean worldwide?

And as far as global crisis goes, someone is always predicting that.

I had thought they removed provisions as part of the compromise that had provided or allowed for everyone to have access to health care.

Nope. Everyone gets health care.

And this is why so many people wanted the Supreme Court to strike it down: Because if you can afford it you HAVE to buy your own health care. That's the mandate.

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