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The best "Scumbag Stephanie" memes...

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So, this girl dressed up on Halloween as Scumbag Steve (aka Blake Boston).

Her outfit is pretty good. Compare:

Scumbag Stephanie

Anyway, since then, "Scumbag Stephanie" has been all over my Imgur, Reddit, 9gag, Tumblr, and Facebook feeds.

Dresses up as a meme for Halloween. Becomes a meme in the process.

So let's collect the best ones here...

Imgur: Flirts with you all night long. "Sorry my boyfriend is here to pick me up."

Scumbag Stephanie flirts with you all night long meme

Scumbag Stephanie makes you go down on her, says giving a blowjob is gross

Canvas: Aspires to bring equality to the "Scumbag Steve" meme. Becomes "reason to hate all women instead of scumbags" meme instead.

Scumbag Stephanie equality meme

9gag: Uses your bathroom. Leaves tampon in toilet.

Scumbag Stephanie tampon meme

Scumbag Stephanie meme - occupies 2 classroom seats, one for herself and the other for her purse

Reddit: Is attractive. Doesn't post genitalia.

Scumbag Stephanie attractive genitalia meme

Yeah, you don't want to know what 4chan is saying.

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